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Portfolio update with Bonnie

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I was booked to do some portfolio updates with Bonnie Vincent and it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far.
We decided to shoot outside but it had to be shady as the sun was too high which would have created a really harsh light which isn’t very flattering for model shoots.
Off we went to Rivelin Valley where I knew there would be a good amount of shade, I managed to twist my ankle on the scout for a location to set up but that wasn’t going to stop us from shooting.

Bonnie and I discussed the style of shots for 3 outfits, a tight black dress, a large white shirt and a black leotard.

For the black dress I decided on a warm muted look, subduing the yellows and greens of the background and taking a bit of the red out of Bonnie’s hair to balance the colours

A quick change and Bonnie was in a large white shirt posing along a path, this time I turned down the yellows and turned up the red just a bit for a nice soft balance, another quick change into a leotard and we moved onto some steps for the last part of the shoot. We decided on a bit more contrast for these photos with a heavier vignette so Bonnie would really stand out against the old steps and ivy.
When we left the shade it was absolutely scorching and my van was like an oven but we had a great shoot and got some fantastic photos.

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