Post Modern Jukebox at The City Hall, Sheffield

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I’ve been a fan of PMJ since a friend showed my an amazing video of the amazingly talented Robyn Adele Anderson singing a 20s Broadway style rendition of Jason Derulos, Wiggle.
Scott Bradlee was the pianist and the main man behind Postmodern Jukebox and has taken them from a basement outfit to an astounding sell out touring show of some of the best singers and musicians I’ve seen and all without the use of autotune.

Imagine how utterly thrilled I was to be the photographer for thier show at The City Hall in Sheffield.

From the outset we knew this was going to be a show to remember the gorgeously salacious Ariana Savalas was our MC and host for the eveningAriana Savalas

Aubrey Logan the tuneful temptress of the trombone did a cover of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Give It Away in a 60s kitsch style which was a joy to watch whilst the vocal range of the decidedly young looking Von Smith must have had the sound engineer sweating like a thief in church as he reached unheard of heights in his cover of Call Me Maybe

Sultry soulful songstress Cristina Gattis honey infused vocals caressed every sung syllable throughout the evening but Womaniser had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck and I had to force myself to take photos and not just stand there with my jaw dropping.

I must admit I have no idea what songs new boy Rayvon Owen sang aside from they were beautiful, all of them. No doubt he could sing airline customer complaints letters and make them sound like a thing of pure beauty, then we have Hippie Swat Man himself Casey Abrams whose boundless energy should be harnessed and used to power small villages in North Yorkshire. Blasting his way through Staceys Mom (wait… what?) with the whole audience singing along with him.
casey abrams

Of course the singers were fantastic but so to were the band, Curly crowned Jesse Elder tinkling on the grand piano, Smiling Steve Whipple keeping it low on the Double Bass, Keeping time on percussion was 70s cop show cast member Arthur Vint. Over on the far side of the stage were Stephen Spencer on sax/clarinet and Reggie Watkins on trombone and last but not least the fast footed Alexander MacDonald tapping up a storm.

It has to be said that I do love my job as a photographer but on some days (or nights) it just makes me smile so much my face physically hurts the next day

Aubrey Logan

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