Charity Fashion Shoot at St Lukes Vintage

In News by gordie303

I did a fashion shoot for St Lukes Vintage Charity Shop in Broomhill last week to show off the range of fabulous items they have for sale and to use for promotions etc.

We had a rocky start with 2 make up artists and 1 model pulling out at last minute but that wasn’t going to deter us. I set up for the shoot at the back of the shop and helped Heather the delightful manager rummage for some choice items while our models did their own hair and make up.

As you can see from the photos below (click to enlarge) their are some truly fantastic outfits to be had, from a 70’s orange towel dress that I chose to an amazing sailor suit that our model Neive chose.

Why not bob down on your next day off and see what you can find