Sheffield sleep clinic

Sleep Deprived

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Just before Christmas we had to take our little insomniac, Tesla, to the Childrens Hospital in Sheffield for a Sleep Study.  She has never been a sleeper, busy brain like me and a fidget like her mum seems to be a bad combination of parental traits. The results take about 6 weeks and maybe we shall get some insight into why she doesn’t sleep all night or she may just grow out of it.

I’ve met a lot of parents whose children are similar (not quite as bad as ours) and a fair few who are the exact opposite and will sleep all night, which makes me a tad jealous I must admit. Not a lot of people, or GPs for that matter, know about the specialist sleep Doctors so if you’re having sleep problems with your little one have a word with your GP

I’d like to thank the staff at the Childrens who were amazing and made Tesla feel very comfortable. Telling her the wires were rainbow unicorn hair was a stroke of genius and they even made me cuppa, which was very kind of them.